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    Whats make makeup, i found your blog / site of tons hobby. i have been worried in 2 new builds with them as an proprietor’s consultant (46 metal & SD126) and might share many memories with you, so don’t feel that this was a one off occurence or your terrible success.

    Who mind come to thoughts approximately Max Perotti’ s philosophy 1. there’s a sucker born each day 2.

    Иy no means ever trust whatever he says even if you get all of it in writing you need to have a legal professional on retainer. there is a shaggy dog story within the industry that they may be without a doubt called ‘scam Lorenzo‘.

  • JACK

    You web site is interesting , i’m the captain on a San Lorenzo 96, and the lack of satisfactory in no way stops make-upmakeup me, we’re currently replacing , properly maximum everything

    We have had the whole lot from holes I the transom above the shore power converter, we cannot open the chiller machine with out doing away with the make-upboard doors, due to the fact the glen denning is within the way, shore power defend no longer stripped

    I could go on for days

    I was talking with the Captain on every other San Lorenzo, and he and The engineer basically instructed me, overlook about any help from them

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